Human Body - Head & Upper Body - Paperback

Dream Symbols: An Answer To Prayer?
Human Body - Head & Upper Body


Just about everyone has had at least one dream that we cannot forget! 

On the other hand, maybe we can only remember a small portion of it so clearly that we see it repeatedly when our eyes are closed. 

Some of us may have a dream that gnaws away at us... wondering what the meaning could be.

Or perhaps have had a frightening dream that seems to be predicting a harsh event or tragedy.

Have you been praying for answers about a certain situation in your life? 

This author believes that dreams are a gift from God to all peoples, another way He communicates with us on a level that we can understand.

This book deals with The Human Body's head (ears, eyes, brains etc...) and upper body (arms, chest, back...etc).

This dream symbol reference book has suggested possible interpretations; using scriptures that may help, and a listing of things about the head and upper body in our dreams could be used in real life situations or answers to prayers. 

When researching to gain an understanding of the Human body's Head and Anything to do with the Upper Body we've remembered from our dreams, we just may find an a prayer.

This is a
 Paperback Book 

From The Author

Dreams are always so fascinating. I could never understand why we even have dreams (what purpose could they have), until I started looking up some items (from my dreams) in the Bible to see what it had to say about them. What I found is that there were numerous answers to questions I had about life, career, family, and prayers answered from the 'Word' just by looking up simple everyday symbols (items) that I remembered from dreams.

I do hope these books bless, encourage, and answer questions for every person who reads them. They are divided into several volumes because there is so much information (including scripture), that trying to put it all in one book would make the book humongous. Causing the need to edit out items.

In addition, I wanted to write about each subject thoroughly...which may come in handy for that someone who only has a question about one item, that they remember from a dream, that constantly stays on their mind. Which in that case, they only have to purchase the book that's needed.

 - Kathleen Fields

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